Uploading Your ACEMAPP Requirements

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Uploading Your ACEMAPP Requirements content

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Uploading Your ACEMAPP Requirements
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Uploading Your ACEMAPP Requirements

Completing your ACEMAPP requirements is an essential first step toward participating in a clinical rotation. The documents you upload through ACEMAPP are available for your school coordinator to review.

Step 1:

From your home screen, in the Requirements table, click the "Manage Requirement" icon found under the Actions column.

NOTE: The red X's mean that the requirement is incomplete. If there is a green checkmark, then the requirement is completed, and there is a requirement completed date.

image shows manage requirement icon in the requirement table

Step 2:

Enter the Completion Date for the requirement. This is the date the item was actually completed, NOT the date that you are uploading the document. Then, click "Browse" to select your document from your computer. Click "Submit" once you have selected your document.

NOTE: Read the Requirement Description for instructions. The file needs to be in a PDF or image format. You may add additional supporting documents under Additional files or notes for your coordinator in the "Notes" box to the right.

image shows requirement upload area

Step 3:

In the Upload New Documents area, there are two Browse buttons.

Under Select a file (PDF and Image only), click the "Browse" button to search your device and add the primary file or first page of the document. This field is required and only accepts one file.

To add additional files or pages, click the second "Browse" button under "Additional files (PDF and Image only. hold control to select multiple)" to search your device for any additional files.

When the file browser opens, select your remaining files:

  • On Windows: Hold the CTRL key + left-click on the mouse to select multiple files.
  • On a Mac: Hold the Command key + left-click on the mouse to select multiple files.

NOTE: You may also select a range of files by using the Shift key on your keyboard.

image shows browse buttons to upload requirement

Uploading from Previous Uploads

Step 1:

If you want to use a document you have already submitted, you can select that document by clicking "View Previous Uploads". image shows previous upload tab

Step 2:

Click "Select" next to the document you wish to upload for this Requirement and then click "OK".

image select previous uploads screen pointing to Select button, View File link and OK button

Step 3:

To view the file selected, click "View Files" to open Document Viewer. If this is the document you wish to upload, enter a Completion Date, include any Notes to be associated with the requirement and click "Submit" to complete the submission.

image Upload document screen showing previous uploaded document detail, highlighting Submit button


I uploaded my Requirement but it still shows incomplete. Why?

  • Your upload status will show that its Pending until it is reviewed and approved by your school coordinator or clinical site. Once it is approved, the Requirement will show completion with a green check. If the document is denied, you receive an email notification and it will remain incomplete.

What do I do if there is no option to upload my documents? There is a dash (-) under the Action column instead of the "Manage Requirement" icon.

  • In this case, your school may be managing your requirements on your behalf. Contact your school coordinator regarding their process for completing these requirements. They may have included an announcement on your home page regarding use of a third party Vendor to manage your Requirements.

How do I find a document previously uploaded in ACEMAPP?

  • On your home screen, select the "Requirements" tab, then select "View Documents" in the top left-hand corner. In the Navigation box, click on the "Historical Documents" button. Historical Documents list all documents you have uploaded and what requirement(s) they fulfilled. You can also download the document to your computer from this area.

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