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Advanced Course Setup - Configuration View
Member Types:
When using ACEMAPP's course type rotations, you can see what requirements are attached to that course, as well as assessments, shared fields, and all other Requirements attached to the course.
Approved Rotations within 3 Weeks (Table)
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View approved rotations easily from your home screen and see if your students are compliant for upcoming rotations.
Assigning Members to Rotation
Member Types:
Assigning members to rotations is an important step toward creating rotations and allowing members to access their required documents and learning materials. The steps in this process also include how to remove a member from a rotation if needed.
Bulk Uploading Rotations with Spreadsheet
Member Types:
ACEMAPP allows School Coordinators to create and upload rotations from a CSV file. If needed, you can also add additional rotations once the CSV file has been uploaded.
Member Types:
Assign Students to a Course You may assign students and course admins to all required courses for their program at once. Their courses and requirements will not be visible until the course start date.
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