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Broadcast Messaging
Member Types:
Broadcast Messaging allows school and site coordinators to message members directly from ACEMAPP. Once you have sent a message out using ACEMAPP, you can review who has opened it and when they opened the message.
Coordinator Contact
Member Types:
The Coordinator Contact Form allows you the ability to update your contact information and share with other coordinators.
Download Student Contact Lists
Member Types:
Clinical Faculty members may quickly contact students participating in upcoming clinical rotations by downloading a student contact list. As a Clinical Faculty member, you also may contact your school coordinator to send out a broadcast message through ACEMAPP (please see related articles).
Managing Announcements
Member Types:
This article provides an overview of the Announcements feature which allows you to create announcements that are displayed on the homepages of your members or users in ACEMAPP. Announcements can include information such as upcoming deadlines, parking instructions, orientation dates, etc.
Opt-Out Email Messages
Member Types:
While constantly getting email notifications can be annoying we have an Opt-Out feature that turns off these notifications so you do not not need to mark ACEMAPP email as Spam.  Once an email is tagged as Spam it is always considered as Spam/Junk and any email sent will not reach your inbox.
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